Friday, March 27, 2009

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I've tried so hard. I know my friends expect it. Society expects it. It's just so hard to fight the current, to swim upstream endlessly when I'm so tired of resisting.

But, it's true.

I hate Facebook.

It's the way a status update can turn something that was probably profound into inanity.

Margaret J. McDoodleson is really bummed out about world hunger.
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Dusty Wankerman: amen sister famine sux!!!!!!!!
Ophelia Bottoms: I feel your pain. It's like this morning, when I forgot to
eat breakfast and then I was SO HUNGRY by 11 AM that
I. Thought. I. Would. Die. I HATE world hunger.

Or, something that shouldn't even have been said into something I had to read.

Arne Knott is still recovering from this morning's difficult bowel movement, but appreciates all your good wishes from last hour's status update.

It is possible that I resent being so very in touch with my friends' fleeting notions.

It's also possible that I am in a stink mood and have no remaining internal censors for the things I type.

Oh, so very grouchy!

ETA: Here ya go:

Jim invited you to join the Facebook group "Your Car/Truck/SUV Does NOT Need Four Headlights!". Does it come with an application, Jim?

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